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Station Frequency Change
June 13, 2016
Our station in Redding, California is now broadcasting out of Shasta at 97.7 FM.

Station Frequency Change
June 8, 2016
Our station in Fredericksburg, Virginia is now broadcasting at 91.5 FM.

Station Frequency Change
June 3, 2016
Our station in Warner Robins, Georgia is now broadcasting at 88.5 FM.

New Programs
May 20, 2016
CSN has new programs on the air: Wretched Radio with Todd Friel, airing Monday-Friday at 8:00PM (PT). Financial Issues with Dan Celia, airs Monday-Friday at 9:00PM (PT), and Hope Out Loud, with the Barricks, airs Monday-Friday at 6:27AM (PT). There's Hope America, with Dr. Richard Lee airs Saturday & Sunday at 11:30AM (PT).

Station Frequency Change
March 15, 2016
Our station in Greenville, South Carolina is now broadcasting at 90.7 FM.

Station Frequency Change
March 7, 2016
Our station in Las Cruces, New Mexico is now broadcasting at 90.3 FM.

New Station
March 1, 2016
CSN is now broadcasting in Earlysville, Virginia at 640 AM.

New Program
March 1, 2016
66 Lessons For Life, with John Garippa, is now airing on CSN, Saturdays at 9:30AM (PT) / 12:30PM (ET) & Sundays at 3:00PM (PT) / 6:00PM (ET).

Station Back On Air
March 1, 2016
Our station in Clearlake, California (90.3 FM) is back on the air.

Station Back On Air
March 1, 2016
Our station in De Pere (Green Bay), Wisconsin (89.7 FM) is back on the air.

Station Frequency Change
January 13, 2016
Our station in Powell Butte, Oregon is now broadcasting at 106.7 FM.

Station Frequency Change
January 6, 2016
Our station in Brunswick, Georgia is now broadcasting at 91.7 FM.

Station Off Air
December 8, 2015
Our station in Berlin, Oklahoma (91.5 FM) is off the air due to the tower collapsing from ice. Check back for updates on rebuilding.

Station Off Air
December 8, 2015
Our station in Wichita, Kansas is off the air until arrangements with the new tower are finalized.

Station Frequency Change
December 1, 2015
Our station in Scotia, California is now broadcasting at 102.1 FM.

New Station
October 21, 2015
CSN is now broadcasting in Heflin, Louisiana at 105.5 FM.

Renown Christian Musician Coming to RCF
October 6, 2015
Accomplished Christian singer, musician and songwriter, Jon Gibson has joined the River Christian Fellowship. Jon currently holds the record for the longest playing single at number one on the national charts for Christian music with the song "Jesus Loves Ya," which held the top spot for eighteen weeks. Jon will be the minister of music at River Christian Fellowship. He and his wife and three sons have relocated to the Magic Valley from California. He performs with the RCF worship band on Sunday mornings at 10:00AM.

Station Off Air
September 16, 2015
Our station in Clearlake, California (90.3 FM) is off the air due to the wildfire in the northern part of the state.

Station Back On Air
September 16, 2015
Our station in Nevada, Missouri (91.3 FM) is back on the air.

Stations Off Air
September 8, 2015
Our stations in Southwest Harbor, Maine (91.3 FM) and Eau Claire, Wisconsin (88.7 FM) are temporarily off the air until further notice.

New Program
August 19, 2015
Creation Discoveries, with Steve Levinson, is now airing on CSN, Saturdays & Sundays at 1:57PM (PT) / 4:57PM (ET).

Station Frequency Change
June 23, 2015
Our station in Kalaoa, Hawaii is now broadcasting at 91.3 FM.

New Program
June 22, 2015
Faith360, with Khuram Bashir is now airing on CSN, Saturdays at 7:00AM (PT) / 10:00AM (ET).

To report a station outage, please call 877.343.8556

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