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Thomasville, GA Back On The Air
August 21, 2014
Our station in Thomasville, GA is back on the air, broadcasting at 107.5 FM.

CSN Off The Air In Enumclaw, WA
August 14, 2014
Our station in Enumclaw, WA is now broadcasting our sister station, The Effect, Modern Christian Rock. Listeners can tune into CSN on our Greenwater, WA station at 107.3 FM.

Station Changes In/Near Susanville, CA
August 7, 2014
CSN is now broadcasting in Susanville, CA at 88.9 FM and Johnstonville, CA at 103.7 FM.

New Station in Fort Smith, AR
June 25, 2014
CSN is now broadcasting in Fort Smith, Arkansas at 99.5 FM.

Great Falls, MT Frequency Change
June 23, 2014
Our station in Great Falls, Montan is now broadcasting at 106.9 FM.

Wellsville, UT Frequency Change
June 3, 2014
Our station in Wellsville, Utah is now broadcasting at 88.3 FM.

To report a station outage, please call 877.343.8556

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The Flood Of Noah
The Flood Of Noah
Bodie Hodge & Laura Welch
Hundreds of flood legends from around the world have details strikingly similar to the biblical account of Noah and the Ark. Why are there so many similarities in so many diverse cultures?
What can we learn of the pre-Flood world from ancient and archaeological records? See how the flood account of a remote people group in China is like the flood legend of gypsies in Transylvania, and like many other societies from almost every continent. These legends are what we would expect to find as remnants of an event unlike any other in history.

Cultural accounts of a wicked world, destroyed by a global flood, have been relegated to myth, even the history of Noah's ark revealed in the Bible. Yet, in every corner of the world, you find these legends of a vastly destructive, worldwide flood event. Similarities include: mandkind is almost wiped out, some animals are chosen for survival, a craft or other escape mechanism is provided for survival, and water covers everything.
  • What are these legends, and what intriguing clues do they contain?
  • What do they reveal about their possible common origin?
  • Exciting details presented with an interactive experience of flaps, mini-books, foldouts, and more!
For over a hundred years, scientists have been dismissing the Bible as a reliable source of information despite the civilizations discovered and history revealed that support the history God's Word contains.

24 Pages
Published by Master Books
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