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2004 Mustang Mach 1 – Total Produced (Oxford White Coupe): Only 697 made

Because of a strong enthusiast response to the introduction of the 2003 Mustang Mach 1, Ford committed to another sales year of Mach 1 production to slot between the Mustang GT and the SVT Mustang Cobra.

The 2004 model run was the Mustang’s final year on the SN-95 platform so collectors and fans of the Fox-based cars were given one last chance to buy a new Mach 1.

With the original Mustang being launched in 1964, the 2004s including Mach 1s wore 40th Anniversary badges on the front fenders and rear decklid.

Again for 2004, the Mach 1 was powered by the 4.6L DOHC “mod” V-8 cranking out 305 horsepower at 5,800 rpm. An appearance upgrade gave the engine bare aluminum valve covers.

If you wanted the best Naturally Aspirated DOHC 4.6L Engine that Ford ever tucked into a Fox Chassis, the Mustang Mach needs to be in your driveway!

There is just something about that Shaker Hood purring exhaust.

This Retro Mach utilizes the DOHC 4.6L 32-valve engine but has an aluminum block similar to the 1999-01 Cobras verses the Cast Iron Block in the 2003-04 SVT Cobra models. Ford changed up the Cam profiles in these four-valve heads and used the 5.4L’s Intake Camshafts and a unique Exhaust Camshaft. To expel the extra airflow, this Mustang also had a specific set of port-matched Exhaust Manifolds. The remainder of the Exhaust was very similar to the 2001 Bullitt that was equipped with Tuned Arvin Mufflers for a unique exhaust note. Valve covers were black in 2003 and were switched out for silver valve covers in 2004 like the ones used on the SVT Cobra.

The Manual Transmission was the same 5-speed TR-3650 that was in the late 2001-04 GT, the 2001 Bullitt, and 2001 Cobra while the Automatic Transmission was a beefed up 4r75w 4-speed.

The Brakes were also carried the same specs as the 2001 Bullitt and Cobra with 13” Front Brembo disc with Aluminum dual-piston custom anodized calipers and 11.6” Rear vented disc with single-piston calipers.

As for the interior, this Classic Pony has Front and Rear leather bucket seats that are a modern version of the 1969 Mach with bolstering similar to its Bullitt and Cobra siblings. Speaking of the Bullitt, its wrap around Gauge Cluster and polished aluminum shifter ball found their way into this much storied Mustang! Even the Bullitt’s Metal-Trimmed Pedals were an option!

Here is where this Mustang stands out from the GT and Cobra Mustang. Two Words: Shaker Hood! If there as any part of this car that paid homage to the original Muscle Car, it is the Shaker Scoop that sticks through the hole in the hood that shakes as the engine torques under load. It immediately brings one back to the late 60’s! Along with that, Ford came through with the Exterior stripes on the hood and rocker panels, Magnum 500 Style wheels, Chin Spoiler, and a semi-gloss black spoiler as well as Retro Mach Badges on the rear decklid to complete the exterior. The late concept Mach cars carried the Bullitt Smooth rocker moldings and “mudflap” but these were replaced with the standard rocker moldings once the car his production.