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CSN Local Radio Spot Announcements

As CSN International owns almost 400 radio station/translators across our nation - your business, church or ministry organization has several options for broadcasting your message (or event) across our airwaves.

The FCC allows 30-seconds at the top- of-the-hour for broadcast of Local Announcements: messages that are of local interest. One translator's broadcast transmission (reach) can be heard 20 - 30 miles from the source, depending on the terrain.

You may choose to air: locally, on just one translator; regionally, on many translators located in several areas of our country; or nationally, across all of our stations/translators, while simultaneously airing worldwide over our live internet stream.

Welcome to the power of CSN International's satellite radio network!

Getting started with Local Announcements is simple:

  1. Use our entry form (located below) and fill in your information, choose your rotation and radio spot script.
  2. Complete each of the form's three steps and send the information to us.
  3. After your information is sent, we will reply by email or phone, within 2-3 business days to finalize the details of your Local Origination spot.
  4. It takes about a week to produce the spot. The finished spot will be loaded to your local translator as soon as we receive it.

Local Announcement Entry Form

Step 1: Your Information

Step 2: Choose Rotation(s)

Choose Timezone:

Hawaiian Timezone (Choose any rotations that might work for you)

Alaskan Timezone (Choose any rotations that might work for you)

Pacific Timezone (Choose any rotations that might work for you)

Mountain Timezone (Choose any rotations that might work for you)

Central Timezone (Choose any rotations that might work for you)

Eastern Timezone (Choose any rotations that might work for you)

Step 3: Choose/Edit Template

  LOAD SCRIPT (Click to load script in text area below.)

Complete this Spot Production Template by editing the items in {curly brackets}, replacing them with your church's information (i.e. church name, phone number, etc.).

Security Question

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Questions about Local Announcements?

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