Rays Of Hope
Rays Of Hope
Robert Anderson
"Rays of Hope" was created to help share the messages of assurance and hope that can be found in the LORD Jesus Christ with those who may find themselves in a lonely, dark, faraway or dangerous place.
If you find that a particular verse or photo speaks to your heart, please feel free to tear the page out, and keep it close to you as a reminder of His love, mercy and grace, and also as a reminder of His everlasting and enduring hope for those that are in Him, who love Him and who call on His name. The booklet contains some Bible verses are helpful to lean on during tough times.

We hope the photos can encourage you to seek the hope and peace that can only be found in Christ. One day again, either here on Earth or in heaven, you will get to see His beauty again, as a believer in Christ. This, He has promised. And when in heaven, imagine the unspeakable holiness, glory and beauty of the sunsets, waterfalls and rainbows that He will create. No matter where you find yourself, Christ is there with you there. He knows your situation, your circumstances, your heart; He promises never to forget or forsake you.

Printed on high quality photo-card stock (just like postcards), the desire is to let people tear out verses and photos for inspiration, to place on their wall for a reminder of the hope they have in Christ Jesus.

"Rays of Hope" is one of a three-part series, including "Faith Cards" and "His Perfect Strength."
$20 each:



$40 for all three

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