Debunking Evolution
Debunking Evolution
Most public schools teach evolution theory as fact, taking a serious toll on the faith of many unprepared Christians. Yet the straight-forward account in Genesis provides the true history of Creation, often making more sense of the evidence.
Join study partners, John & Jane as they explore the challenges to the evolutionary theory and why the Bible makes the most sense of the scientific evidence. The six-lesson program helps students understand the weak foundations of evolution, teaching them a strong case for the truth of Biblical Creation.

The Six Lessons Include:
  1. Why is Creation / Evolution Training Important?
  2. Bible History—Real of Fiction? Can we trust the Bible's account of history?
  3. Did Humans Evolve from Ape-Like Creatures?
  4. Creation-Evolution 101: Adaptation & Natural Selection
  5. Creation-Evolution 102: Common Ancestors/Branching & Homology
  6. Creation-Evolution 202: Fossils, Whales, and Extinction

Produced by Awesome Science Media
Run time: 100 minutes
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