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Titanic Faith
Titanic Faith
Galyn Wiemers
It appears that a perfect storm of social chaos and spiritual conflict is moving through the United States. Sadly, the Western Church is not prepared for the storm or the aftermath that will certainly ensue.
While Christianity and biblical revelation are challenged, marginalized and legally discriminated against in Western democratic culture, the religion of Islam becomes more and more accepted. Islam increasingly waggles its way inward toward the center of the public arena in the Western world, whose mantra of "Tolerance, tolerance!" grows louder and louder. Yet - and at the same time - Christianity is ridiculed as offensive, which places even more peer pressure on the adolescent Titanic church to separate itself from Truth and embrace the cool, contemporary, relevant cultural clique.

A Titanic-like Theology Has Set the Church on a Perilous Journey without a Map on a ship that will ultimately require Lifeboat support.

This book was written to help provide lifeboats and maps for the coming disaster.

286 Pages
Published by Last Hope Books & Publications
Suggested donation
(includes shipping)


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