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If your station is off the air, call 877.343.8556 or contact Jerry Johnson using the email form below.

CSN Staff


Shannon Scholten, Vice President / General Manager
Mike Stevens, Director of Programming

Engineering Staff

Kelly Carlson, Director of Engineering
Ray Gorney, Assistant Director of Engineering
Jerry Johnson, Engineer / Outage Coordinator
Dustin Pamplona, Engineer
Jeremy Estabrooks, Engineer
Mickel Pruden, Engineer

Support Staff

Holley Mecham, Product Distribution
Crystal Pamplona, Accounting
Michelle Milliken, Waiver Compliance Specialist
Scott Spencer, FCC Licensing

Creative Staff

Bre Stevens, Creative Director
Nolan Mather, Graphics / Website Maintenance

If you have a question, comment, or praise report and would like to contact us, please call or use the email form below.

Contact CSN by email:

CSN International receives hundreds of emails everyday. So rest assured we read every email that is sent to us, but we aren’t necessarily able to answer every email because of time constraints.

For station outages: please send emails to Jerry Johnson.