CSN Statement of Faith

Christians, we are called to serve

Who We Are:
CSN International was a dream that became a reality wrought from the dedication of one man with a God-given vision to serve fellow Christians and reach those still in darkness. As this vision became a reality, CSN was born, and God’s Word started playing through the airways. Since then, CSN has grown through our listeners’ financial support and God’s blessings.

What We Do:
Our mission is feeding God’s sheep as instructed in His Holy Word. We aim to follow these instructions by broadcasting Biblical teaching and anointed Praise and Worship Music 24 hours a day to communities throughout the United States and the World. Jesus said we become strong by the Word of God abiding in us, and we desire you to find this ministry to be a point of spiritual growth, maturity, and encouragement. 

What We Believe:

  • We believe in the Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as the co-equal and triune God.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ of Nazareth, fully God, and man, was born of a virgin, lived sinlessly, and died a perfect death for our sins.
  • We believe that any who should come to Christ will be saved.
  • We believe that all mankind has sinned and must come to Christ to be forgiven. 
  • We believe Christ will come again, as He promised, to rule and reign over the earth as our King.
  • We believe that God’s scriptures are only found in the Holy Bible and that all scripture is God-breathed and profitable to those who love Him.