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Mobile Devices

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Listen on Any Phone, Anytime, Anywhere

CSN is now available simply by using your telephone, using a service provided by AudioNow. Just call this special CSN-only number:


AudioNow is the largest call-to-listen tech platform in North America, connecting global broadcasters such as BBC and RFI, as well as religious-based programs around the world, to mobile phones in the U.S. The phone number incurs no extra charges and is the equivalent of making a mobile call, without the requirement of the internet or smartphones.

Listen with External Player

 iTunes (Version 9 or higher)

  1. Open the “Open Stream” dialog box by hitting CTRL+U, or by clicking “File” on the menu and then go down and click on “Open Stream…”
  2. Click here and then click “OK”

Alternate iTunes method:
You can also find “CSN International” in the “Religious” section of the iTunes radio player. In iTunes 11 (and higher), “Radio” has been renamed to “Internet Radio.”

Windows Media Player (Version 12)

  1. Open the “Open URL” dialog box by hitting CTRL+U, or by clicking “File” on the menu and then go down and click on “Open URL…”
  2. Click here and then click “OK”

Want the Best in Christian Music?

Check out CSN’s sister station, Effect Radio, for 24/7 modern Christian music.

Trouble Listening?

Android App
Our app developer is working on an update that should address this issue. In the meantime, they suggest trying the following:

  1. Exit app if it’s running.
  2. Go to “Settings.”
  3. Tap “Device Maintenance.”
  4. Tap “Battery.”
  5. Tap “Battery Usage.”
  6. Tap 3 dots (top right).
  7. Tap “Optimize Battery Usage.”
  8. Tap “Apps Not Optimized” and change to “All Apps.”
  9. Find the CSN app in the list and tap on it.
  10. Indicator switch should then change to show that optimization was disabled.
  11. Tap home button to exit settings.

Desktop Browser

Some browsers have the Flash plugin player disabled by default when you load the webstream page. They may show a popup where you can click to enable the Flash player. If so, click the button that says “Allow and Remember” or “Always Allow.” If not, you may be able to click on the plugin notification near the address bar (see pictures below), and then click to allow the Flash plugin to run.